Invoice Scanning API

Power your business with high-precision invoice scanning technology.

When precision matters

LucidInvoice API extracts key information from scanned, photographed or digital invoices.

In addition to extracting key information, we also estimate a confidence for each prediction to measure the likelihood that each extracted piece of information is correct.

Use Cases

Invoicing Management

Automated Invoice Validation

Significiantly reduce time and cost by automating manual validation processes in invoice centers.

Payment Software

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Free your customers from the pain of entering payment information, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Automate Purchase-to-Pay Processes

Automate manual purchase-to-pay processes and save valuable time and operating cost.

Next to no integration

Our API can be implemented in existing software in a matter of hours.

We provide SDKs for all the major languages upon request.


Don't gamble with your users' patience. Our API responds within seconds.


Huge amounts of receipt data fuel our AI so we can provide accurate predictions.


We don't make wild guesses. Our AI is able to precisely determine how certain it is.

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